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Rox is a resident tattoo artist based in London, who has been tattooing since 2016. She graduated from her university studies in fine arts and design in 2014 and started working as a designer up until she discovered her passion for tattoos, and the fact that through tattooing she would be able to pursue her natural affinity for art.

After finishing two apprenticeships, a very short one in Rome and a longer one in her home country, Romania, she evolved rapidly as a tattoo artist. After gaining enough experience she started travelling to Germany, Norway and UK as a guest artist where she learned more about different tattooing techniques and the whole tattoo industry.  
Her style is inspired by the old masters of painting, and her preferred tattoo style is black and grey and color realism.

Eventually she decided to settle in London, UK.

Rox splits her time between tattoing in 2 shops around East London and practicing the old craft of oil painting, life drawing and portraiture, this allowing her to experiment and perfect her skills.

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