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"Come in, canvases" 

"Canvas"? ... Was my question when I was watching a TV reality show about tattoos, where people who get tattoos get called "canvases" by tattoo artists. It doesn't matter what the show it's about, if it's a contest, if it's about art or not or about a bunch of drama-queen-tattoo-artists that spend so much time in the same shop that their periods start to sincronize. What made me cringe was the fact that people were called "canvases"... Whaaaat? Let's assume they are. Let's! First, you are not pushing paint through a canvas using needles; you are basically tickling the canvas with brushes made of PONY HAIR! That's very far from what a person is feeling while getting a "painting" on themself. Second, a canvas doesn't have an opinion about the artwork, it doesn't have to mean anything to it and it also doesn't care about how the other canvases look with their tattoos on them, sorry, paintings. Third, a canvas doesn't have feelings, and it doesn't experience physical pain. If a miracle happens while you're painting and the canvas says it can't take it anymore and starts crying, that's not a canvas anymore, it's some magical creature that you're hurting, and you'll have to give that thing a special treatment as well like a cup of tea or some sort of lepricon potion. In conclusion, tattoos are not paintings, needles are not brushes and people are definitely not canvases. Just keep it real.

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