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The Perfect Tattoo

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

I am going to lay down some thoughts about the perfect tattoo and what each of these words mean.

What IS perfection? I am pretty sure I won't be the only one who will say that perfection is something that originates in

Plato's world of ideas

. Realistically speaking, nothing is flawless in this world, because perfection is a concept created by people, and people are flawed creatures. We have some absolute ideas in our minds that cannot be physically reached, but they can be persued . From an artist's point of view, a work of art can be perfect when the artist decides it is. Maybe he stops painting because he decides the way his canvas looks at that very moment doesn't need more touches. It's perfect. Does he know that an extra touch would make his work of art "even more perfect"? Well, he might and that kind of intuition only comes with experience. I will extrapolate this to tattooing. Except in the tattoo industry "the perfect tattoo" comes from the client's "world of ideas" so it becomes something relative. "The perfect tattoo" turns into "the perfect tattoo FOR THEM". In conclusion, there are millions of flawless examples of body art, one for each of us...or three...or ten.

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