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Who am I?

I am not going to bore you with the story of my life starting with my childhood, or how my infant tongue couldn't spell my own name and thus my nickname was born, for the simple fact that I'm not Dickens. I'm "Rox", which comes from "Roxana", so as you can deduce I was never able to make up a nickname for myself. 

Now that we got that settled, the reason why I started this blog is so that you could get to know me even more than social media allows you to. What I'm saying is: as a tattoo artist I keep posting pictures of my work so that you can see what to expect from myself as an artist. And that's fair. But through pictures and short descriptions, because let's be fair, people get tired of reading long descriptions, you can't really imagine a real person that's manipulating all that media content. It must be a soulless puppet master, right? Well, here is my soul. I've just realized I have one with this occasion lol [joking:))]. 

I will try and write here about my experience as a tattoo artist as it goes, about its realities and about how I see things, without being too cynical, I promise.  What you will get from reading this is a clear insight not into the tattoo industry, but in the mind of someone that's trying to dodge the word "industry" from a context describing the art of tattooing.

I think that all artists, whatever their talent is, are irritated when their artwork gets turned into a cold rigid object and it's presented in the same context as industrialization, capitalism or art business because their talent (I'm talking about real artists here) wasn't a necessity, it was something that got developed over years as a result of their obsession over a skill. It all came along in the end and turned into their art. When I was little I remember being curious about everything and wishing I could learn everything so I can become like the people who I admired. Those people weren't TV celebrities, they were the scholars that wrote some old books we had in our house. My goal was never fame, it was knowledge. I think the search for knowledge got me here and it's taking me on an even further path... I hope.


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